I overcame pelvic girdle pain, excessive weight gain, and a traumatic labour to get running again by following this expert advice.

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I’m a new mum. Before having my daughter, I had a very specific idea of what my pregnancy would look like. It would involve a lot of running. After all, running through pregnancy is safe, and keeping fit during pregnancy is beneficial for both mother and baby.

I know a bit about running — I’m a physiotherapist with a special interest in rehabilitating runners and I’m a licensed UK Athletics running coach. I’ve completed six marathons and an ultramarathon. …

Use flow states to help you figure out ways to make a meaningful living by being consistent and adding value.

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Someone, somewhere, is posting right this minute about a side hustle that can make me rich. Somebody else is describing the next best way to generate a passive income stream I can retire on now. The internet is full of career change advice.

A changing vocation might not have been on the cards before 2020 for many, but the effects of the current pandemic on the global workforce is changing minds. In the US, nearly 20% of people working in non-office based jobs intend to leave their employment for greater job security and benefits due to the effects of Covid-19. …

The education system is training our kids for jobs that won’t exist in 20 years. Here’s what our family will do instead.

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“I have never let my schooling interfere with my education.” Mark Twain.

I have a 4-month-old daughter. Before becoming a mother, I had no idea how quickly I would need to start thinking about her future. Preschools in my area are already booking up and I’m barely out of the newborn fog.

When my partner, Lucy, and I sat down to discuss how we see our daughter’s future education, we quickly realised we were on the same page. We have no intention of repeating the broken system of education we had passed through. …

Learning the value in bruised elbows and bruised egos.

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When I hit my 30s, I decided I’d reached an appropriate age to take up skateboarding. Unfortunately, I didn’t go on to become a pro skater despite my best efforts. I didn’t become very good at skating at all. On the plus side, I didn’t break any bones and I came away with the knowledge and confidence needed to fail my way to success.

The path of least resistance.

I grew up without my dad, which isn’t all that unusual, especially in the low-income neighbourhood where I grew up in. I had just enough contact with my father during my formative years to instil in me a desperate urge to impress him in absentia. On paper, you might think that this desire led me to success, but in reality, it meant that I only set myself goals that I knew I could comfortably achieve. …

How to work on your writing when you’re not writing.

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You go to bed with a plan. You have ideas swirling around your head and a schedule to bring it all together. You’ll start fresh at 6 a.m with your morning rituals. You’ll consume a healthy breakfast. After some high intensity exercise to get the creative juices flowing, you’ll sit down and you will write.

Unfortunately, the world has a different agenda, and it doesn’t include your writing plan.

As a new mum trying to parent in a pandemic, I’m here to tell you that you are still a writer, even if you don’t get to write today. …


Vee Uye

Writer | MSK physiotherapist | UKA Running Coach | 1 of 2 mums. http://www.vee-uye.com

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